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About this website


This is the third generation of the Auroville website.

We acknowledge here for the work on this site -as well as on the township itself- all those Aurovilians before us, - and all of them yet to come..

In particular we thank:

Nilauro Markus and Theo Waalkes who painstakingly set up, and maintained, the very first editions of the Auroville site from the mid-nineties onwards;

Ulrich Blass & 'Gateway', and Larry Tepper, whose encouragement and financial support enabled us to put together the present version of the site; and Kelly Oakes & Johnny of 'Reality Hosting' for freely hosting the site since March '02;

Dominique Darr, Andreas Deffner, JanPieter Derkstra, David Klammer, Yadid Levy, Martin Littlewood, John Mandeen, Sven Ulsa and Pino Marchese for the generous sharing of their photographs;

Illustrator Emanuele for his cartoons and illustrations;

Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Auroville Archives and Auroville Today for the generous sharing of their materials;

Alan and Carel for occasional advice;

Tim for proofreading and augmenting many of the pages, and writing the answers to the FAQs;

Ashaman, Jesse and Julietta for their freely given time and articles,
and of course, we thank ALL Aurovilians who so sweetly supplied us with their material.

Stefano, who is no more, for creating art & culture section.

Mauna for being instrumental in piecing the present site's contents together up till spring 2003; she was the driving force and the soul of the website since its beginning. From now on, she will continue to share her deep knowledge and experience with the team..

There is more to come..

Above all we thank Auroville's founders, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, for setting off this venture, and for calling us here.

The web-team

Manoj (Kerala, India) - web development

Luigi "Manohar" (Italy) - content

updated on March, 2005

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