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Yatra, a group show of Auroville Artists


Mandala Pottery Paper Folly
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Chaali dance

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-- painting of the Sri Aurobindo Auditorium walls  --

Throughout its thirty-plus years of existence, Auroville has seen, organised and enjoyed quite a number of artistic events and other creative happenings which were generally relished by (almost) all. We think for instance of the full moon dances and performances in Forecomers canyons in the early seventies, the innumerable impromptu gatherings and celebrations around one or more of our artists who
suddenly in a burst of creativity would organise a dragon trip through Auroville, workshops in sculpture or pottery for days on end, youth happenings with music sessions, thoroughly enjoyed jazz evenings with jam sessions between Auroville and visiting artists, and many more of these.

Waiting for the breakthrough..

-- creative details --And while it is rumoured that, these days, most of our artists have succumbed to writing project proposals instead of poems, or are designing company logos and websites instead of sculpting their dreams, Auroville's cultural life merrily moves on, ambling onwards, perhaps waiting for the great and unexpected breakthrough into the 'new' to mature.., somewhere.., on levels within, responding to larger world levels within and around us.

With the help of some friends..

-- artistic workshops --And of course, Auroville basically being a platform of creation, it is regularly attracting interested artists from abroad and elsewhere in India who usually stay with us for some time, absorbing Auroville's energy and getting inspired by what's trying to be done here. 

It is but natural that these friends respond to the community through their talent for expression, generously sharing and showing their touch on life, re-animating and kindling the community's own artistic resources, and eventually leaving Auroville behind, - smiling and a bit richer.

Via these pages we hope to share with you some of these co-creative exchanges.

Contact: webmaster@auroville.org.in 

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