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Chaali…taking dance to its audience


For the few that braved the rain, thunder and lightning, there was a treat in store at the Sri Aurobindo Auditorum on Friday night, December '02. 'Chaali, Round II' was performed by Samudra and Bhoorang. Here is a brief by Anu on their performance, and some photos from Adil clicked with the "no flash, okay?!" by the organisers.


'From 'walk' to 'dance'

'Chaali' signifies the first basic 'walk' exercises in the traditional Mayurbhani Chhau dance from Orissa that takes a dancer from one point in space to another. 'Chaali' became the core idea behind the endeavor of extending the space of dancers through travel on highways. Performances are mounted in varied spaces such as well-equipped theatres, open-air spaces, black boxes, and makeshift stages. The light and sound equipment is carried along in van.



Two new productions

On the road in India for this 'Round II', the group of fifteen nationally and internationally acclaimed dancers performed in Auroville, on Friday the 6th December. Their performance contained two new productions that are specially choreographed for the tou

*Samudra - 6 members from Thiruvananthapuram performed 'Jalam', based on the theme of water. The group was led by dancers and choreographers Madhu Gopinath and Vakkom Sajeev and has evolved a distinct movement language that blends techniques like Kalaripayattu, Bharatanatyam, Hatha Yoga, Malkhamb and Kathak to narrate stories.


*Bhoorang - 5 members from Bangalore performed 'Jataknama', a choreography response to readings of Jataka Tales, a Buddhist expression on wisdom and vagaries of life. Choreographer Bharat Sharma and dancer Tripura Kashiap led the group. The dance company has evolved an unusual style that has a free base but attempts to infuse traditional imagery in shaping movement narratives.


We all enjoyed a very beautiful evening where everyone was welcome.


Home > Art & Culture > Artistic events > Chaali dance

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