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Aurovilians playing with paper.., how innocent can we get..!

But that's what happened during the months of July and August '02 when, inspired by an initiative of the Auroville Press, resident artists and guests went off on a frenzy of creativity with.. paper, down-to-earth paper..

Handmade paper

It started with the Auroville Handmade Paper factory wishing to create new-look and new-feel paper for photo albums, folders, envelopes, incense packages etc etc by using cotton, dried banana strands, spliced bamboo (rejected incense sticks from one of AV's incense units), straw, jute and various kinds of leaves in different combinations and patterns. Great.

a real, joyous, fun and creative play, hands on..!

Real, joyous, fun and creative

When this was done, some Auroville artists who had been helping them with this, got the hang of it and a real, joyous, fun and creative play began resulting in a wealth of shapes and forms and tidbits where the propensities of paper were explored to the fullest..

Some very beautiful pieces of art emerged as well..

You can peruse them in our Paper Folly photogallery.

a hanging wall ornament.., paper..

Bharat Nivas' upper gallery space..


The images on this page share some of these with you, as well as some general impressions of the artists at work and the exhibition in the Gallery of the Sri Aurobindo Auditorium in Bharat Nivas.
This will not be the end..

a proud Handmade Paper team with participating artists and some of the work..

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Home > Art & Culture > Artistic events > Paper folly

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