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Adil at work
"Clay, for me, "is something that wishes but knows not quite how to be...."
" A nameless movement,
an uncaught idea,
calling the adventure of consciousness and joy.. (from Sri Aurobindo's 'Savitri').

So here I am, often overwhelmed by varied emotions, but the other side of me - the technician, the maker - takes over and makes a vessel which at least tries to contain some of that emotion. No matter what, that side of me is ready to go to work on the materials of experience, braving the uncertainty of results. This is most probably not related to any earth-shattering past-life experiences or such gained here; but inspiration surely lurks within the con-tours of the canyons and anthills of Auroville !

The uncertainty of results is always thrilling (for me) in my work.., from the arbitrary combining of varied materials in unmeasured amounts for everything from coloured clay bodies and engobes, to slips and glazes. Abstraction in my work will always play with the convention of the vessel as a metaphor for the body, - the challenge is to see if the unorthodoxy, the naiveté and the risks show through....and ultimately balance within the softer focus of functional pottery."

“With this great truth as the background, as a constant support, ... that we are witnessing the birth of a new world – ...that we can participate in it, ...that we can become it.." (from Conversations with the Mother)

Adil is an architect from Mumbai who graduated in Urban Design from the University Of Houston, Texas. After thirteen years in the fields of interior refurbishing and architecture in Bombay and California, he decided to "take a break" and study ceramics at the Golden Bridge Pottery in Pondicherry. The rest may not necessarily be history, but…. He presently resides in Aspiration and is a “full-time potter” at Mandala Pottery in Auroville, doing his balancing act between production and studio pottery.

Adil Writer, ASPIRATION, AUROVILLE 605101, T.N. TEL : (0413) 2622724.

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visit the Adil website: www.adilwriter.com

MANDALA POTTERY, DANA, AUROVILLE 605101, T.N. (0413) 2622685.

adil@auroville.org.in , adilbw@yahoo.com

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