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There are different ways I experience myself doing ceramics in Auroville. At times I feel like a child at play, discovering through this broad medium  of clay  new ways of forming, shaping and decorating. And as time goes by, skills are increasing and so the possibilities to form in ever new ways are increasing as well. It's fascinating.


At times, when inspiration and creativity are hiding themselves, I feel this work is an excellent way of being quietly meditatively centred, invoking the Lord in every cup and plate which comes from the wheel.  Or when I am not  in touch with this spiritual side of me, I can see my work in the pottery as a good  way to keep me off the road doing silly things.

As I tend to be to airy, not very interested in the material side of life, it gives me a grounding, an interest in matter, to make the work more perfect and more beautiful. And what ever vessel, pot or form comes through these hands, I tend not to give it any more meaning than what it says for itself.

I am grateful  for being able to do the work I am doing.


Article from 'Inside Outside' magazine

Home > Art & Culture > Ceramics - Anamika

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