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Rock the House

Adil Writer is a writer.


Just kidding. That would have been too much of a cliché.

Adil Writer is a builder, actually. He started to build houses, now he is building pots. Having changed his profession from a good situated architect in Bombay to a well acclaimed potter in Auroville, gave his father a bit of a headache. “Why did I invest so much money in your education, only so that you go out and play with clay?”

And that's what Adil is doing, playing around and experimenting with this slippery material – a mixture of different raw clays, Feldspar, Silica and some other secret ingredients – called clay. Changing his milieu from fired bricks and concrete walls to unfired mud and inconcrete forms. He loves what he does and one can see that very clearly in his work, which has developed a lot since he started out some 5 years back at Pondicherry 's Golden Bridge Pottery as a trainee. Under pottery-guru Ray Meeker's eagle-eyed guidance and with probably some kicks in the butt, he went all the way from making little clay monsters to producing sellable function ware to ending up with appreciable art pieces. Being one of the three executives of Mandala Pottery in Auroville, Adil is also back in business, responsible for the marketing aspects of a production pottery that sells its goods throughout India and exports abroad. Besides all the time consuming work at the pottery he still finds space to prepare for art exhibitions, be it either group shows in Auroville or elsewhere or solo shows of his own. Photo by IrenoThe topics may vary, Adil's continuative persuasion in his work stays solidly the same and proves him right.

His latest exhibition Stoneware is woven around the motto faith and religion. Adil trusts in his ability to present a glimpse of heaven on earth and has faith that the visitors of this show will find the hidden secrets behind the visible appearance.

How exactly this will come out, I can't tell you here, you have to go on your own to see the show in Bangalore from 30.9. until 16.10 (???).

Photo by IrenoSearch for invitations and the catalogue in Auroville, check out his web page (well, you are doing it!), go to Mandala in Dana, talk to Adil and take the bus to Bangalore or find someone to share a cab with.

I definitely will be there, because first of all, Adil is my Rakhee brother and family has to stick together, secondly do pottery pieces look much different in a neat exhibition environment than lying around on the floor of a dirty pottery studio and thirdly, there will be dinner and drinks. And isn't that what really counts?

I am a writer. That's certain, because I take the freedom to write.

I am also a potter on my long way to stardom.

Adil is already one or two steps ahead.

In the haunted house of life, art is the only stair that doesn't creak. (Tom Robbins)

And the stairs, houses and pots that Adil Writer is building are surely solid as rocks.


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