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AgniJata EDUCATIONAL TOYS, Auroville, India
AgniJata EDUCATIONAL TOYS, Auroville, India

The aim of the unit AgniJata - EDUCATIONAL TOYS is to bring joy and playfulness into the process of education. While cutting out and folding a funny toy a child deepens into 3D-world, gets understanding of shape and volume, develops 3-D imagination and skills in reading the drafts. In the process of the game the child develops the small movements of the hands and fingers that is really important for the refinement of the child’s brain!

AgniJata, Educational Toys, Auroville, India

"Initially the idea of these toys came to me 5 years ago when I was working at Upasana design Studio on Tsunamika Project", - says AgniJata, the founder of the unit. – "Tsunamika is a small doll that helped hundreds of women living on the sea shore to survive after tsunami. The idea of Upasana was fantastic – the women were producing these small funny dolls, that were never sold! It was the real implementation of gift business. You can take as much dolls as you want and give as much as you want. Tsunamika is still alive!

At that time I had a task to design the paper products with Tsunamika doll. First there were post-cards, fridge stickers and small notepads. And then I’ve got the idea of creating educational toys with Tsunamica – checkers sets, first craft sets and at last – Tsunamika friends – Lion, Elephant, Cow and Donkey!

After some years, when I decided to start my unit I started my first collection from these four toys. And then the game continued. There appeared Kangaroo and Koala, Whale and Ocean, Monkey and Zebra, Turtle, Cats , Dogs and much more funny toys."

The toys are aged from 6 to 99, as there are no time borders for game, joy and happiness!

You can see them here Welcome to 3-D World!



Agni Jata



tel: +91 413 2622846

605101, AgniJata, Djaima, Auroville, TamilNadu, India

AgniJata EDUCATIONAL TOYS, Auroville, India

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