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June 2011





Hans Isler grew up in Switzerland, in a family of six where wood craft was always in the forefront. As a young boy he developed a passion for drawing and art, which eventually culminated in several extended trips to Italy where he eagerly studied the old masters.



During that traveling period of his life, Hans also journeyed several times to Auroville and in 1981 decided to stay there for good. The creative energy field of the budding township strongly invigorated his natural artistic talents, prompting him to explore different media such as screen printing as well as oil, acrylic and water painting.






The work with glass and gold, his current medium, started in 1995, when he was asked to join the Matrimandir team in the cladding of the structure's sphere with gold. Hans gladly helped the team with setting up a gilding workshop for the discs intended for the outer skin. In the course of the process, the team had to alter the initial technique used and conceived of the fusing of gold leaves between two small glass tiles. Eventually a great number of these small gold tiles were then placed on large stainless steel discs which provide the now completed building with its characteristic outlook.






Being an artist at heart, Hans started integrating this new-found gilding & glass technique into his personal creative work, which resulted in the great variety of exquisite artifacts widely used in India and abroad.








The fused-glass items on this page are made using a process called ‘glass fusing', ‘kiln forming' or ‘warm glass'.


Kiln formed glass lies midway between the extremes of glass blowing [hot glass] and stained glass [cold glass].



In the process of making his glass creations, Hans makes use of coloured sheet glass, carefully cut and placed on the carrying glass base, as well as of crushed glass in different sizes, to which he playfully adds coloured glass powder and 24 karat gold leaves.



Using a mould to shape the glass in a kiln he produces the by now famous three dimensional items such as delicate bowls, plates, mirror frames, candle lights and wall lamps.



Contact hansan@auroville.org.in


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