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A u r o m o d e

Prema, originally hailing from Argentina, joined Auroville in 1979. Her unit 'Auromode' in Auroville's Industrial Zone was started in 1986. Today it employs some 1230 people and has an average of 2.500 pieces a month. 

Prema says about this venture:

"Looking back, I think I can say that Auromode was brought into being prompted by two needs, an inner one and an outer one. The first one was the need for a manifestation where Life's aspects such as organisation, creativity, search for perfection, and relations with the outside world would be expressed in a different manner, and the second one is with regard to an entirely different way of dealing with money. I have come to consider money as an instrument of manifestation of Beauty on the material plane, of welfare and progress in matter itself.
These two needs are very much linked and it is one of Auroville's challenges not to disassociate the two even while managing the various business undertakings the township has now."

Auromode specialises in hand-painted silk garments, accessories and gift items.
For further information visit http://www.auromode.com 

Contact: auromode@auroville.org.in


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