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I came to Auroville in the seventies, when you could still see all the way across to Fertile and the ocean.. There was such a powerful atmosphere, -  we were planting trees, creating the environment for a future city in that hot and luminous land..

I started one of the first units in Auroville, way before we called them 'Units'..  At the time, there was Ulli doing metronomes and Dilip had just started Hidesign.. Janet and Valerie were also gearing up..   Everything was very small and just barely beginning.  We all had this shining vision in our lives. I started making crochet shoes with Lila.  

I discovered my capacity towards creativity here.. I have never really been motivated by the thought of 'business' and by doing a product with only the money as motivation. I just wanted to be really creative here in Auroville.., I always felt this strong impulse to create..

When I discovered that the local women were capable of extremely detailed and excellent handcraft, I started working and growing along with them. We work together in a symbiotic way and our beautiful tapestries and  beadwork are the evidence of this relationship.

I left school early and have had no formal training in anything but seem to have a natural ability to do things and "get things done". This  has been greatly expanded and developed over the years.., the true gift of Auroville. 

Contact: gillianc@auroville.org.in 


Home  > Art & Culture > Craft & Design > Bijou

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