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My name is Elango

I was born and brought up in Edyanchavadi village near Auroville.
A person called Philip from Auroville trained me in the craft of handloom fabric and now, by myself, I have developed other products, like hand woven hammocks and crochet hammocks.

I started in 1985 with 2 loom machines and 6 workers, making only bedspreads. Now, May 2001, my Auro Ambala workshop in Allankuppam has 8 looms and 35 workers doing 20 different items.

Most of my products are being exported and it makes me feel proud to be a successful artisan. I want to help at least 50 families by giving them work round the year.

My dream is always to do new things and remain near Auroville and follow the Mother's ideals.















Home  > Art & Culture > Craft & Design > Local crafts > Elango

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