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Local crafts



Arhandicraft's R & D section, located in the New Creation settlement, is an undertaking enabling artisans in the villages surrounding Auroville to produce traditional art objects and helps them market the same.


The organisation works from the conviction that when each individual is given the opportunity to offer the best of his/her ability, we can all together reach the state called human unity. "Unless everybody in the world will have the chance to progress as a free person, to share the result of their work and be given the right place they merit, we cannot expect a better world."

Presently they oversee some 35 local handicraft units throughout the entire Auroville bioregion and arrange for them to have connections with Third World Organisations abroad.

Elango and Rajasekar , some of the artisans of Auroville’s bio-region who got a start-off via Arhandicraft, tell us about their achievements.

Contact Arhandicraft via ncid@satyam.net.in

Website: http://arhandicraft.com/index.html 


Home  > Art & Culture > Craft & Design > Local crafts

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