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A flame in the heart, sparked by a need to create beautiful products of quality, manufactured with care, has grown into an interesting and challenging commercial venture. At Maroma, business is not done 'as usual', but with an increasing awareness and sensitivity towards the local and global environment, and towards the needs of Auroville.

- Only adults, mostly women, are employed from the local villages.

- Priorities include: a clean and pleasant work atmosphere, health care facilities and nutritional snacks among other things.

- 45% of Maroma's net profits are turned over to the development of Auroville and the surrounding villages.

- The fragrances of Maroma comply with the guidelines of IFRA.

But what matters most is how things are done; the conscious intention behind each and every detail - for, at Maroma, work is our love and a personal way to focus and grow with the visionary aims of Auroville.


















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July 10, 2010




Encens d'Auroville

Breath is life. To breathe the live air of a room scented with incense made by Maroma is a more conscious experience. At Maroma, we think that is important. That's why we created Encens d'Auroville using natural botanical essences blended into our fragrances. Maroma has 34 years experience in the fine art of creating perfectly balanced natural fragrances - the intuitive heart of the incense business.

From the fine hand-rolling of paste onto bamboo sticks by local village artisans to the quality ingredients blended into each of our 60 fragrances, the Encens d'Auroville incense line is packaged in silk-screened handmade paper made from cotton yarn, - handmade paper saves on the world's trees. The fragrances of Encens d'Auroville comply with the guidelines of IFRA.






Indulge and immerse yourself in a century old tradition that uses the aromatic properties of medicinal plants to promote relaxation and well being. The pure botanical oils that comprise these compositions are extracted from petals, seeds, resins, leaves, fruits, roots and bark. These extremely refined essences are the most essential and subtle parts of selected plants and each of these natural botanical oils enhances one's life energy with its specific properties. When these precious oils are skillfully blended together by our master craftsmen, a new medium is created that helps restore balance to the body, mind and spirit. Our aromatherapy stimulates natural defense mechanisms and promotes healing at both physical and emotional levels.



A wide range of products

There are 9 different compositions of Maroma SPA Aromatherapy. Available as Pure Essential Oil Blends, Incense, Sachets, Aromatherapy Glass Votives, Pulse Points and gift sets. As well as a superior range of body care products: Shampoo, Massage oil, Soap, Shower gels and Body lotions. Each of these products has its own specific focus of application, but all will bestow the same pleasurable aromatherapy experience. Use these products to stimulate a pleasant mood, to relax tension and fatigue, to dispel aches and to generally enhance your overall sense of well-being.






Colibri: Natural anti insect

These wonderful products repel insects in a completely natural manner while offering a very pleasant alternative to chemical repellents. The fragrance is blended from several natural essential oils and botanical extracts including tea tree, vetiver, peppermint, lemongrass and neem. The light fresh aroma sends a fragrant message to the most bothersome insects (flies, moths, mosquitoes and fleas) to keep away.

They contain no chemical insecticide or toxic ingredients and are absolutely safe.

Colibri Products are available in Geranium, Lavender and Cedarwood blends:

Colibri incense, Colibri Claypot Candles and Glass Votives, Colibri Sachets, Colibri Oil, Colibri Mats, Colibri Body Spray, Colibri Body Lotion, Colibri Fresh Shoes, Colibri Spiral Incense and Colibri Cones.



True Line 10 classic fragrances

The TRUE line's products are centered around ten classic essential oil fragrances.



The line is extensive, as each of these fragrances has been meticulously adapted into a variety of products. For an aromatic home ambience, we offer SACHETS and LUMINARY VOTIVES.
For bath and body care, we have a wide selection of SOAPS, SHOWER GELS, SHAMPOOS and BATH SALTS as well as BODY LOTIONS, MASSAGE OILS and a variety of GIFT SETS.








Sumaya SPA: 4 fragrances

In Sanskrit, SUMAYA means the exalted and the pure. The products in this exceptional line will purify your body while lifting your spirit to new heights of experience and enjoyment.

The SUMAYA line includes Shampoos and Hair Conditioners, Shower Gels and Soaps, Body and Massage oils, Body Lotions, Votive Candles and Incense.

Jasmine Neroli-Cleansing & Refreshing
Rejuvenates and Revitalizes you

Tulsi Ginger-Warming & Stimulating
Soothes the muscles and animates the body

Rose Attar-Joyous & Comforting
Awakens the senses and lifts your spirit

Palmarosa Vetiver-Calming & Relaxing
Calms the nerves and brings balance to the emotions



Maroma Men:

Our line of natural body care products for Men is truly special. We were inspired to develop an exclusive range for you, knowing how much you value your personal needs. This collection has Shower Gels, Body Oils, Shampoos, Soaps, Incense and Candles to cleanse, relax, pamper and revitalize you.

Olibanum Citrus - Revitalizing

Tonka Vetiver - Invigorating

Cedar Lavender - Relaxing




For more detailed information, visit Maroma's site at

Contact Ph: 2622126
Email to : maroma@maroma.com

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