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from the Future of Light

The only difference between the stone and you consists in the pulse of your heart.
It is true that your heart beats a little more quickly, my friend, 
but it is never as calm.

Khalil Gibran

Aladdin's Cave

Aladdin's Cave.., hidden in Fertile Windmill's forest..Many people call our showroom 'Aladdin's Cave' because of its great variety of beautiful objects.. Here one finds a large crystal cluster in which nest several small carvings of Ganesh and other Hindu gods plus power and healing wands, and there perhaps a brass bowl full of large opaque Star Ruby crystals (Shiva lingams). On several shelves around a central column are displayed things such as crystal spheres, bowls of many kinds full with tumbled stones, a huge Apophillite cluster half covered by necklaces of blue Moonstone, Labradorite and Lapis Lazuli with some rings, pendants and earrings made from the same stones; a bowl of Rose Quartz specimen (most children are immediately drawn to these), a basket of Black Tourmaline crystals (ideal to counteract negativity and the effect of too much electricity - some Aurovilians keep a piece of it near their computer), fossils, unusual pieces of jewelry, yantras carved from the purest crystal, pendulums, large opaque Aquamarine specimen..

Some stones can contain a force of protection. You can accumulate in a stone (amethysts especially) a force of protection, and the protection actually protects the person wearing the stone.

The Mother

Remembering the future..

As is the case with everything in our universe, stones also evolve, and every common rock and pebble will become a gemstone purer than the diamond in our future of light.. - just as the apparently less evolved human being will one day become again the Divine.. (It is a proven fact that crystals continue crystalising within themselves even after being separated from their source.)
Crystals and gems, which have already considerably evolved, in some way remember such a future of light, because in the divine mind from which the force of evolution originates everything is already eternally present now..

Varied jewelry

We not only manufacture all kinds of special gemstones but also carry silver jewelry designed by several Aurovilian artists to suit all tastes, conventional, traditional, new age, tantric, symbolic.. and some which escape all possible definitions.. Often these are the most popular of our creations and our silversmiths enjoy doing them most.. We also developed a special line for crystal healers, prano-therapists, and just for about anyone who wishes to experiment with the wonderful energy of gemstones and crystals, from simple but elegant pendulums to strong power wands made of several types of gemstones and silver points, gemstone hearts, carvings and bowls, pyramids, obelisks, touchstones, shivalingams.....


We also can materialise your own special designs for export.


...Therefore the wise man, although simply dressed, hides on his own person an incomparable fragment of priceless Jade..
Taoist saying

Contact: vijay@auroville.org.in 
Tel: (0413) 622 075

Memories from the Future of light or "Aladdin's Cave" closed down in 2011.



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