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As the name suggests, Miniature is a unit concerned with small but exquisite works of art in a variety of fields including fashion design and antique 'objets d'art'.

Research, creativity and experimentation
Marco and Liliana Feira came from Italy to Auroville in 1995 and

established their unit at the Sharnga settlement. They wished to work 'in miniature' compared to the scale of operations in their previous careers, thus freeing time for the pursuit of their wide artistic interests. Their intention was also to practice integral yoga by integrating T'ai Chi and meditation into their working lives.

Through promoting different projects which have affinity with each other, we are continually widening our horizons. Research, creativity and experimentation are fundamental to our work and we move freely from one creative field to another.

T'ai Chi hall and dojo
Above their house in Sharnga one finds the T'ai Chi hall, while a Japanese dojo for early morning meditation and inner Chi work is located under Liliana's studio-cum-workshop nearby. Both T'ai Chi and meditation have a physical effect and exert a powerful influence on the conduct of our everyday life. A welcome is extended to all interested Aurovilians and guests who wish to participate.

Fashion design
Liliana has had a successful career in fashion, exporting clothes from
Indonesia to Italy, but she now employs a staff of only eight, which ensures her personal
involvement in every stage of the design and production process. Using fabrics which are made in rural India, she is continually devising new ways of combining the traditional with the contemporary. The garments she creates are sold in Auroville's boutiques and also exported.


Arts magazine and gallery
Marco has thirty years experience in searching for antique art, architectural and tribal objects, and he still sometimes exports antiques or sells them in Auroville. This activity supports his interest in the promotion of a wide variety of cultural events. His latest initiative is to establish a cultural and interactive arts magazine and gallery on the web with the aim to promote artists from Auroville and to keep resident Aurovilians in touch with cultural events throughout the world.


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