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PRISMA is a commercial unit located at the Aurelec premises which specialises in the preparation and production of print, design, photography, publicity and communication material, plus the editing and printing of all forms of literature, from leaflets to books.

It was set up in 1999 to provide a comprehensive service to Aurovilians needing help in these fields, though it has also done - and continues to do - work for others outside Auroville.

Popular publications done by PRISMA include:






PRISMA's day to day work includes preparation of text (in English, though other European languages and Tamil can also be arranged) and conceptual designs/layouts through to the finished product - including arranging original photography where required - for leaflets, brochures, books, journals, newsletters, posters, calendars, logos, stationery & visiting cards, advertisements, display material, exhibitions and press releases.

PRISMA also oversees printing of the above, which is done in Pondicherry or Chennai, depending on quality and quantity required.

Further to the above, PRISMA also handles downloading from digital cameras, supplying colour print-outs or digital print-outs in all size as required, and makes itself available to anyone needing help in the setting up of local web sites, specially as regards the drafting of good English text and the supply of appropriate illustrations, whether photographic or hand-drawn.

Franz Fassbender

Timothy Wrey

Contact: P R I S M A

Aurelec / Prayogashala

Auroville 605101, Tamil Nadu , India

Tel: (91) 413 - 2622 296 / 93 / 94


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