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The Path of Love “Dance is a language, it’s pure communication. It brings us together and enables us to make links and connections amongst each other, to re-invent the togetherness in life.”


Born from Dutch-German parents, Grace came to Auroville when she was nine months old. The first 14 years of her life she lived in Auroville, where she learned to walk... and dance. Subsequently, she went with her parents to Holland, where she followed dance and ballet classes, and eventually was trained as a remedial teacher specialising in dance and therapeutic drawing. While always coming back to Auroville for longer or shorter periods of time, Grace has now returned for the foreseeable future and fully participates in the life of the community.The Path of Love


Grace doesn’t only dance.  As a remedial therapist she is also very active in Auroville’s elementary Transition School and, in the meantime, keeps her eyes open for the future..:


“I want to realise my dream of creating a dance school in Auroville.. A place where we can explore movement and experiment with various dance techniques and styles; where we can do in-depth research in the psychological and spiritual value of dance, and from where we can organise performances.”


Grace is giving classical ballet classes to Auroville’s younger kids, and jazz dance for teenagers, in both New Creation and Pitanga.




Home > Art & Culture > Dance > Grace

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