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Kalamitra and Kala Khoj , Chandralekha, one of the visiting dancers.

One of the indicators that Auroville is now on the world cultural map is its inclusion in the itinerary of major performing artists from within India and abroad.


Kalamitra (Friends of the Arts) was formed by a group of Aurovilians to stimulate cultural life in Auroville by promoting a wide range of events - plus workshops - in the fields of theatre, dance, music, poetry, the visual arts, exhibitions and cinema, while at the same time providing support to upcoming artists and performers in Auroville itself.
Performances by top-ranking artists

Over the years many top-ranking artists, Indian and foreign, have offered to come to Auroville to perform, asking only that basic expenses such as travel and accommodation be met. A not-long-ago example was an Austrian dance group who came all the way to India for performances in just 3 places - Delhi, Chennai (Madras) and Auroville.

Obviously Auroville feels honoured to be singled out by such artists as a special place to perform. Their visits confirm not only Auroville's status as a unique 'international' township, offering a truly international audience to perform before, but also its special status in the world, as a place belonging to humanity as a whole; a place where whatever happens can become an offering and contribution to a higher ideal.

Kala Khoj

Kala Khoj (In Search of Art) is an offshoot of Kalamitra. Its aim is to facilitate the development of an international network of exchange programmes involving artists from India, Auroville and the rest of the world wishing to deepen their research in the arts, with outside artists sometimes taking up residence in Auroville for periods of time ranging from several weeks to several months. In support of this aim Kala Khoj has become an affiliate member of the international 'Res Artis' network - now represented in over one hundred and twenty countries - and is currently designated the responsible centre to coordinate and develop the Res Artis programmes in South East Asia.

Although in its infancy, Kala Khoj has started receiving requests from foreign artists wanting to work in the residency programme, and is now included in the 600-page "Guide to host facilities for artists on short-term stay in the world", covering over two hundred organisations in nearly thirty countries.

Contact: kalakhoj@auroville.org.in


From an article in Auroville Outreach Newsletter.


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