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Capoeira, a dance-fight-game from Brazil, is developing in Auroville, and presents itself as a rich educational resource.


Capoeira in Deepanam



Capoeira is a young art in constant formation.

Little of its history is known as it originated in Brazil in times of slavery as a tool for revolt, later it spread to the street and was associated with criminality and magic. In an attempt to forget these ‘dark times’ of Brazil, most documented information has been destroyed.


Today Capoeira is played all over the world.
However the most common form practiced tends to be far more academic and spectacular than it was even 50 years ago.


The group here in Auroville started its journey with this most popular style, but soon took an interest in Capoeira as a whole, with its unclear and confusing history, its oppositions, its contradictions and complexities: A quest began to seek out the origin of this art, the pattern of growth and development through its short history and its sudden international explosion into today’s world.

Exploring the different currents of Capoeira – Angola, Regional de Mestre Bimba, Contemporeana – the attempt is to catch hold of their essential differences through movements, music and the precise energy behind each one; in the dream to bring back to preserve or bring back to life the forms of Capoeira which seem to be fading.


In the Auroville schools (namely Deepanam & Last School) Capoeira has been included as part of the weekly activities for those interested.



In April 2011 as the school year came to an end, a group of thirty youngsters (between ages 8 and 15) shared an evening, playing together in a roda (wheel of Capoeira), singing and taking turns to play the five different percussion instruments of Capoeira Angola.



Classes for all ages are scheduled everyday of the week: each style is practiced during a separate session so as to broaden the players’ horizon, with stress laid on keeping the currents distinct so as to preserve the uniqueness of each.

The classes offer a thorough physical workout, work on music (singing and percussion) and demand a constant introspection – Capoeira often being described as a game of life, a mirror of one’s strength, weaknesses and apprehensions…


Further information on the blog of the group:

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