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After spending seven years with a Chinese master in Paris (master Tran), Philippe joined Auroville some five years ago. Very fast he started sharing and teaching the three main branches of Chinese yoga that he had studied: T'ai Chi, Chi Kung and Kung Fu.

Philippe tells us the following:

T'ai Chi is a form of several postures leading to a state of meditation in movement. After several years of practice, anyone can attain a perfect harmony between body and soul.

Chi Kung is based on the observation, the control and the use of your breath. Very much similar to the Indian Pranayama, its techniques are used to centering and increasing the chi (or prana) in all your organs. It enables you to feel and become aware of the different energy centres of the body. Chi Kung's aim is perfect health and a silent mind.

Kung Fu is a self-defense technique based on observation of wild life, especially the fighting of different animals. Apart from being a very good self-defense training, the development of all the possibilities of movement, action, reaction and response of the body is highly beneficial. It also leads to self-confidence, and a generally peaceful and non-violent attitude.

The three techniques I'm teaching are based on the philosophy of the Tao, which is the spiritual Chinese path.

All practitioners, beginner and advanced, are every day welcome to practice with me in a natural environment at 7.30 in the morning. The classes are free of charge.


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