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Nationality: British

"Music never stays still.."

As musicians we often set ourselves goals in the work and studies that we are doing, the assumption being that having reached the target, we should somehow be more satisfied with the way we are progressing, or with the level we have attained. Of course this is not always the case, which for me is one of the most fascinating things about playing music. Music never stays still. It is alive, a never-ending challenge in which there is always something new to be explored.

The music that for me provides this challenge is jazz. As improvisers we face the prospect of trying something new every time we play a piece of music. A good improvisation can be regarded much the same as the telling of a good story, and in the case of a jazz musician the objective is to do this spontaneously.

My stay of three years in Auroville has been long enough to see that this is an excellent place to take part in this type of work. With an artistic culture still very much being developed, it provides a great opportunity for research and experimentation, something not always possible in the professional music world of Europe and America.

Contact: durgaura@auroville.org.in 


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