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In a symbolic sense I see Auroville as a hybrid seed issued from hundreds of years of man’s spiritual history.

As a collective, Auroville functions in a most unconventional way that encourages each individual to discover his/her own path of realisation, beyond religious and cultural differences which one must inevitably learn to leave behind. 

Auroville , India , the world…, these three cannot be disassociated.

As a musician it came naturally to me to study some of the facets of Indian culture and its music which I love.

My music may be an Indian and Western blend but it seems to me that it is the  natural outcome of my life here. 

Nadaka playing TampuraAside from this, I have learned that Sound is at the origin of all life.. Therefore, I do not so much perceive music as a form of entertainment but rather as an aspiration towards the divine through which its numerous attributes can be received and given. 

For me,  the most beautiful music is the sound of nature.

Living colours







(Update January 2009)

See Nadaka & Gopika Skantakaram video




(update April 2006)

Auroville Music on tour in Europe

This May and June Nadaka & The Basavaraj Brothers performed more
than 20 concerts in France, Germany and Switzerland. Please log on to
http://www.nadaka.com/inconcert.htm for more details.

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