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Came to Auroville leaving behind a career of professional musician, 6 years of intense practice and something like 1000 performances with his co-founded 'Modern String Quartet'.

He was also leaving computer music behind, and a lot of other things.., for coming to  Auroville, a new life, new spirit, new adventure..

Of course, his artistic fire was not quenched in the name of spirituality, on the contrary: it was greatly enhanced! And thus, all kinds of compositions, sequencers, computers, and all what comes along with it, came back to him, filling up his daily life with new insights, new work and new preoccupations.

There is always a gap of doubt in him: is it worthwhile to spend a whole life pursuing music? What about spiritual life? Does one exclude the other? These are some of the discussions we get into  whenever we have a chance to sit and talk. We never come to serious conclusions, and the questions remain strong.

I'm always surprised to find out the enormous scope of Holger's knowledge: western music theory, how to program a symphony, or weld a microphone cable, multiple singing, Bach fugue and how to repair a broken violin, minimal music and poly-rhythms, fine tuning , how a synthesizer works, the right scale for a dominant flat nine sharp eleventh chord..

Right now he's spending all his time building a music studio at his place in Sharnga and is  working at his computer, composing and programming songs. That's why I'm writing in his behalf. (Stefano) 

HomeArt & Culture > Music > Holger

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