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I came to Auroville in February 1991, having decided to live life in a more conscious way.

After reading about the teaching and philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, I chose to come and help in the realisation of Auroville.

Previously, in Spain, I had completed my studies in musicology. I had taken singing and piano lessons, and had for many years participated in several choirs and vocal ensembles. Having reached Auroville, however, I wanted to work in some different field, so I started working in the crèche. Six months later I moved to Auroville's Kindergarten, where I first worked for a year as a regular teacher. Naturally I was also  singing with the children, and doing musical games, so then I became the music teacher for the school.

In 1997 I started teaching music in  Auroville's primary Transition school. From then onwards I have been working as a music teacher for children between the age of four and fourteen and also conduct the Auroville adult and children's choirs. Besides this, I am  trying to put together a comprehensive school music programme for children through which students would come to enjoy, appreciate, and understand the rich world of music. This last year I have been working together with another music teacher, Matthew, who recently came to Auroville from England.

HomeArt & Culture > Music > Nuria

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