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Is one of the rock bands of Auroville's youngsters.

They are known for their practicing in the Kalabhumi music studio, which was previously a generator room built half under the ground. The place has proven to be perfect as their meeting and working space; it is here where they come to get in touch with inspiration. Buried half under the ground, certainly in the summer the place becomes more of a sauna than a music studio, but at least here they can work without being disturbed by noisy neighbours, and  blast their instruments at the top of their power without receiving complaints all the time. So, no matter what the temperatures are,  smose practices daily, at times for a good eight hours a day. All kids are either schooling or working in Auroville and practice their music in their free time. Their performances are well appreciated.

Can music help reconfigure the brain? It may be strange to think of rappers and rockers as masters of modern therapy - but current research indicates that time spent listening to music is often time well spent.

HomeArt & Culture > Music > Osmos

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