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One of the greatest things that happened to me was finding this place and environment where I can spend time and space to search for the inner self,  in my case through the arts.  And for this I'm very grateful to Auroville.

In order to reach a vastness of being and a place from where each and every day is seen as another chance to know oneself better, and to make a step further towards the mystery of inner discovery, I find that an atmosphere of relaxation is crucial. One needs a place free of all the those absurd tensions that are eating up the human spirit.
Free time is as important as oxygen and an absolute must.

So, although I do take my full share in the community work load of Auroville, I have finally found here a place where money is not the only supreme sovereign. Here one can to do what makes oneself full and spiritually rich.

Currently performing in south India with different jazz bands and the newly started 'Vibration Society', a blend of modal contemporary and Karnataka music.




Stefano's involvement besides music: AV website, teaching sports, Auroville Housing Service and Waste Management coordination.


Stefano passed away
on 17th February 2003

HomeArt & Culture > Music > Stefano

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