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“Art is not just about self expression; it is also an attempt to connect on a deeper level with the viewer.”



Stephanie Bussmann  


Born in the pristine and breathtakingly beautiful city of Zurich, and brought up in the culturally vibrant Germany, Stephanie Bussman has grown up loving the natural splendors her world had to offer. She knew very early on that she was not going to follow the path that was laid out for her, but instead she was going to draw her own path to follow. …..

All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of inner stillness…Stephanie has found that inner stillness in the tranquility of Auroville, where she has been living and working since 2002.

Her work has received rave reviews from various shows and exhibitions in Germany , Belgium , France and India .

Through her art, Stephanie wants to not only give you a picture of life as she sees it, but invites you to see your own story reflected in her paintings. She truly believes in creating a connection with the observer and their experiences.

Cre'art welcomes you to ‘Obscure'…. A collection of abstracts and mystical landscapes in acrylic paint and paste on canvas.

In these paintings she expresses herself more deeply and openly and takes a step towards the abstract by painting silhouettes and diffusing landscapes.

Come and experience a collection of art that breaks free from all human limits and that will take you to the realms of childhood visions and dreams.



Painting is my path to a secret garden, a place of happiness and inner peace. The whirling world finds its center here, its beauty, its colors, its light.

Beauty is what I express in all my work: the beauty of a body, in a flower, in a place, in words and in a face. Beauty is in everything if you look closely, it is also hidden in pain and sorrow.

Auroville is the place where I found the energy and the courage to express more of myself in my paintings.



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