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Born in Mumbai, India, in 1955. - After completing her studies, Firoozyves (Firooza Aubry) spent several years in Germany where she worked as a foreign language secretary. It was during this time that she started experimenting with painting on silk and held five solo exhibitions of her work in 1989 and 1990.

She returned to live in India in December 1990 where she lives with her husband in Auroville. Since then, she has participated in various collective exhibitions and had also solo exhibitions in south India, as well in Montreal (Canada), Berlin (Germany) and other places in India.

Firoozyves' spontaneous landscapes take you on a journey into unknown worlds and encourage you to dive into a firework of vibrant blues, burnt umber and yellow ochre. The eye travels along cosmic rays which are constantly changing, thus creating mysterious three-dimensional effects, depending on the light and the position of the viewer. Firoozyves does not want to convey a particular message, but encourages the observer to be free in one's of individual interpretation.

It is only through the ease with which her brushstroke travels on the silk that one is still reminded of the fundamental principles of the impressionist. Her originality is documented by an unusual painting style, which has nothing to do anymore with traditional silk painting.

Firoozyves paints on natural silk from India. The special imported silk paint is applied in thin translucent layers, a technique which is adapted from traditional oil painting.

Contact: firooza@auroville.org.in 

Solo Exhibitions:

1989 Galerie Papyri, Berlin. Germany
1989 Galerie Artificia, Berlin, Germany
1989 Galerie Briesenstra▀e, Berlin, Germany
1989 Galerie Knipperle, Berlin, Germany
1990 Galerie Kohnert, Berlin, Germany
1995 Information Center Gallery, Auroville, India
1995 Pitanga Hall, Auroville, India
1995 Alliance Franšaise, Pondicherry India
1996 Pitanga Hall, Auroville, India
1997 Galerie Le 1040, Montreal, Canada
1997 Pitanga Hall, Auroville, India
1997 ANZ Grindlays Bank, Mumbai, India
1999 Pitanga Hall, Auroville, India
2000 Alliance Franšaise, Pondicherry, India
2001 Alliance Franšaise, Bangalore, India
2002 Tibetan Pavilion, Auroville, India
2002 Dresdener Bank, Berlin, Germany
2002 Build.ing, Berlin, Germany
2002 Sri Aurobindo Ashram Exhibition Hall, Pondicherry, India

Group Exhibitions

1996 Contemporary Indian art, Group show by Aurodhan
Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore, India
1996 Contemporary Indian Art , Group Show by Aurodhan,
The Oberoi, Bangalore, India


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