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 Hufreesh Dumasia

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.”

I shut my mind
I jump into the inner waters of my being;
First, I peer from the surface at what's within,
Afraid of the unknown!
But the beauty below draws me in.
I take a deep breath
And dive in..

My paintings are an attempt to express what I see in my depths...

Fire fairy !


"To master our lives is the Art of Life.
What we create from an inspirational moment
is to Master Life as an Art."


For Hufreesh,
Art is Life and Life is Art!
The two are not separate! Each inspires the other to create,
to be, to express, to dream…

Her paintings are not thought-out or planned, but are the spontaneous expressions of her inner being which reveal themselves as sudden flashes or visions in her minds eye or as an overpowering urge to create, to bring out something from the depths of her being that she may look at and say,
“Aah! This too is me!”


As Carl Jung, said, "Spirit lies behind the collective unconscious and, of course, art reveals the unconscious." Art is born as a result of the union of spiritual energy with the Divine.


When we are creating anything, we are taping into the Source. Thus, the creation of art is one of man's most direct connections to God not only as his silent and universal language, but also as the manifestation of his Superior Energy Force. Art, prayer and meditation are the most effective tools we have to unite us to heaven and earth.

Art is a silent worship.

“It is not about what we see with our eyes but what we feel with our hearts and see with the invisible inner eye. The true appreciation of art is how deeply it reaches into our souls with one language of the heart. If a piece of art can make a person stop, wonder and question his own reality and reflection, then art has the joyous property of sanctifying the expression of the inner sensitivity of the unconsciousness.”


Her works are primarily in acrylics, but she also likes to work in mixed media.
No set technique is followed; rather a constant experimentation with different techniques is enjoyed, as for her, variety is the spice of life .


“Don't try to understand my work with your mind, experience it!
Like a beautiful sunrise or a sweet song of a bird that pulls at your heart strings. Art should uplift you or fill you with joy and wonder
only then it has fulfilled its raison d'etre!”



Born in India, Hufreesh grew up in a spiritual background. So Art has always been a way of communicating and connecting with the Unknown.

Her paintings are not planned or thought out, but are a spontaneous expression of creativity that flows through her.

She has painted ever since she was old enough to hold a brush and continues to paint her way through Life.

For the past 12 years, she has been working and living in the inspiring and often challenging atmosphere of Auroville, an international township, in Tamil Nadu, where men and women of all countries aspire to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. An experiment in Human Unity. A place that fulfills her need to dedicate her life to a nobler cause, to something that gives her a chance to be a part of a bigger picture , that in her small way helps humanity as a whole !

And from that deep innate need for world harmony, springs forth her Art, which expresses harmony, joy, love, peace, beauty and the everlasting wonder and awe of this magnificent Divine Creation !

Hufreesh believes that her creativity is not limited and should not be limited to just painting, but to each and every aspect of life. And so your entire life becomes a piece of Art!

Art is Life and Life is Art!

She has had shows all over India, UK, Singapore, and Tokyo and most recently she was invited and participated in the prestigious Florence Biennale, Italy.

And this year she participated in the International Art festival in Marseille, France, then in Izmir Biennale in Turkey and finally in Venice Pre-Biennale in Venice, Italy.


"To master our lives is the Art of Life.
What we create from an inspirational moment
is to Master Life as an Art."




- BA from Sri Aurobindo center of International Centre of Education, Pondicherry . - 6yrs of Art training under an eminent artist Preeti Ghosh, Pondicherry.
- Certified Computer graphics: Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Pagemaker, FrontPage.


Skills & Experiences


• Designer for Camlin Company, Mumbai - 1996

•  Proficient in Marbling techniques.1991- 1994

• Worked as a graphic designer for 3 yrs.

• Experience in different types of fabric paintings.

•  Skilled in airbrush work.

•  3 art works used as Book covers.

•  Currently working with mixed media.

•  Proficient in Calligraphy

•  Created Murals in Hotels

•  Installation done on Pondicherry beach road.




•  Solo show in Auroville 2001 - February

•  Solo show in Pondicherry 2001 - March

•  Group show in Auroville 2003 – April

•  Group show in Aurodhan Art Gallery 2003 - January

•  Group show in Auroville 2003 –March

•  Solo show in Pitanga, Auroville-Aug 2004

•  Solo show in Pondicherry- Aug 2004

•  Group show in Gallery square, Auroville –Oct 2005

•  Group show in Singapore , - May 2006

•  Group show in UK –July 2006

•  Group show in Chennai- August 2006

•  Group show in Tokyo – November 2006

• Group show in Auroville 2007- Jan

• Group show in Mumbai 2007-September

• Group show in Auroville 2008-Febuary

• Group show in Chennai 2008- February

• Group show in Pondicherry 2008- April

• Group show in Mumbai 2008- April

• Group show in Auroville 2009 – January

• Artist camp and show in Auroville 2009 – February

• Solo show in Auroville 2009 – October

• Participated in Florence Biennale, Italy 2009 – December

• Group show in Auroville 2010 - February

• Group show in Chennai 2010 - August

• Solo show in Auroville 2010 - November

• Salon D'Art Internationale in Marseille, France 2011 – March

• International Izmir Biennale, Turkey 2011 – May

• Pre-Biennale Venice , Italy 2011- May

Hufreesh Dumasia

Permanent Add:

Invocation Auroville,

T.N.-605101 India

+91 413 2622504





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