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Ma conviction profonde est que l’expérience de notre vie est ce que nous avons de plus  précieux à partager et c’est en ce sens que j’ai peint « Journey of a soul », « Voyage d’une âme ». 

What else than our own life do we have to share with our human fellows, those who are with us today and those who will come ?

 In “Journey of a soul” I try painting the “zest” of my life.



“The Blue Invasion”. Exhibition in Pitanga, Auroville, February 2008.

Long ago a friend of mine gave me a small bronze Krishna . At first, I didn't like so much the statue but I did like very much my friend so I kept her gift very carefully and carry it with me around the world.

Years after, I became aware of a “knot”, of a turn in my personality that I couldn't change by myself even though it was a cause of much suffering. That night, surprisingly, it was in front of the small bronze statue that I sat and asked for help. And the answer came and the answer was Blue.

“The Blue Invasion” is an attempt to share the Peace of the Blue.

A new version of the exhibition will be presented with other artworks at l'Alliance Française de Pondichéry, from the 6 of March to 17 of March 2009.




Monique Patenaude on her visual art exhibition in Pitanga in March '02:

Since my childhood in Quebec, Canada, I have been fascinated by representations of our planet. Globes and maps and aerial photographs delight me. My first trip by plane is one of my fondest memories. The patchwork of the European land, the bright jewellery of the Greek islands, the elegant calligraphy of the Canadian landscape under the snow, the transparent turquoise of the Caribbean sea have given me profound esthetical emotions, as intense as the masterpieces of the greatest museums. Therefore, it is not a surprise that I use representations of the Earth as a basic material for my works of art.


Four invisible cities

From 1991 to 1996, I used maps of different existing cities of the world to give a body to what I called 'The Invisible Cities' in homage to Italo Calvino, an Italian post-modern writer who wrote a book of this title. In the book, Calvino describes more than 50 times the City of Venice which seems to be each time an 'other' city..
The invisible cities surround, mirror or haunt the material ones. We can perceive or feel or dream them but we cannot touch them physically. Some are obscure and dreadful; others are light and joyful and carry the beauty of tomorrow.
I present here four of the joyful ones.

The Quest

After a long series of 'Invisible cities', I left aside my collection of maps and plans and my researches on 'the expression of the human species through its cities'. I came back to the individual human being and its thirst for light and consciousness in a body, on the Earth. The exhibition presented here is in that line, but it does go a little further: it is a synthesis of the two preceding steps.

Maps represent the world, human bodies represent the individual being, mantras represent the aspiration, and colours (white, silver, ochre and gold) represent the Consciousness.

These four elements are associated to express 'The Quest' for the Consciousness. The Quest which is the sense of all life.



Monique Patenaude


The greater part of Monique's works displayed during the above mentioned exhibition was sold; proceeds have gone towards purchasing land for Auroville.

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