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Ireno Guerci

When Ireno came with his partner from Italy to join Auroville in 1988 it was with the intention to drop photography altogether. He had been in the business for years, making photo reportages as a free lancer and had won three different national photo competitions for black&white photography in the early eighties.

While starting to work in the Matrimandir Nursery, he couldn't resist to "keep the finger warm" and, fortunately for us, started shooting here and there, eventually abandoning other work. Everybody is happy with this, since Ireno's photos have the knack of showing a more intimate, more alive side of Auroville than usually is the case

Kids at the Beach "photo Ireno".

To date Ireno has had three exhibitions in Auroville and one in Pondicherry's Alliance Franšaise, and has published a 'coffee table' photo book 'Auroville, a Dream' as well as two Auroville calendars. With a friend, he also initiated 'Auroline', a unit specialising in graphic design, publication, postcards, photography etc

Fair at the Visitor Centre photo Ireno

Ireno's paintings, and also photographic paintings, are sensitive, subtle and touching.


"Water Being" an exploration into aquatic bodywork in Auroville
Exhibition at the Unity Pavilion Auroville, from January 5th to January 30th, 2014


"Matrimandir and the Park of Unity" an exhibition by Ireno
From Saturday 23rd February to Saturday 9th March 2013 at Unity Pavilion



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