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Photography is of various kinds they say! There is but one tool. Only, what we do with this tool defines us.

I often ask myself what is a good photo and what makes one portrait a success and the other less so. Light expression, the combination of colors, as far as I see, these are just the elements available. Some make it easier some harder. But all have potential. So then I feel that it must be the Eye of the photographer, bringing the awareness of every angle, shade of gray and increase or decrease in contrast or light.

We live in a world of color: bright red, deep blues and luscious greens, what a feast for the eyes. But due to this distraction we notice less the line, the curve, the light difference or the composition that moves something in us. But what does move us inside? Is it the curve, line, expression instant or is it the atmosphere in which it took place?

I believe that in every moment and in every place there is a P resence and that is what I try to capture. The beauty, truth, harmony or movement of progress that may come to the awareness of my being. And that I wish to show.

In a world that moves at an ever growing speed, those moments that last for ever, are timeless treasures.

To make a long story short beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I try to see and show that beauty in all things, even in that which seems its most contrary face.

Jonah was born in 1980, came to Auroville at very young age, grew up in Auroville, went for a small adventure abroad, came back because here is where it's all happening.


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Home > Art & Culture > Photography - Jonah

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