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Lloyd Hofman of the Netherlands came to live in Auroville in 1988, at the age of 36. In his first nine years in Auroville he was a forest watchman at Fertile, later combining forest attendance with library work while living at Gaya community. He currently lives at Creativity and works as an editor of prose and poetry, from his writers workshop Avipro.

He studied 'I Ching' and poetry (in English and Spanish) for twenty years, brought out the book of poems “Between Seasons” and is finalizing a book on the I Ching. He is also interested in studies on media and language, such as by McLuhan and Calasso.





“Between Seasons” – Lloyd's poetry

Lloyd's Wiki Pages


Lloyd passed away

This is to inform the community that Lloyd quietly departed on 15th May 2010, at 4.15 pm at the Health Centre, at the age of 58.







In his cabin he thinks

of his views on the world

as having seen too much


with memories turning

to fantasies and tales

on his forgotten selves.


He knows that he lives

at an end where affairs

will unwind without him


free in homelessness

where a soul inhabits

the world as one room.




When on arriving

there is still a sense

of transformation


a rush of changes

half understood

still moving in the blood


a different world

found in a pattern

of old ones made new.








of my borrowed time

and at rest

with missing answers


nameless but

true as the gift

of a morning

for a first day.


Still …


Where, maker

of breezes that flow

as breezes do,

where to meet you?




Sometimes I move beyond

the fringes of my thoughts

and artificial space


at ease in not knowing,

not seeing myself, and

at one with the outcome.




Lazy afternoon


Suspending belief

my thoughts and deeds

flutter out of me

into a wider span

of mind's migrations.


I watch the rising,

vital hungers

and their deadline,

a cloudy turbulence

free of being me.


Where wood resounds

with hammer blows,

offices hum

and passing cars

have destinations.

With the weight of decades


With the weight of decades

today has come down

in the clarity of moonlight

over common gardens

and neighbors who dream;

whose curtains are shadow

blots of windblown leaves

swaying in the late night.


Infinite appearances

flood awareness, now dyed

as moonlit visions

but felt as reassurance;

the lawn, a chair, night birds,

laundry in the cool breeze

and the muted whisper

of a sleepless double.


Waxing full I make do

with only thoughts that count,

were prodded over time

and honed into precision

for this lucid lapse in being;

this lunar truth to things

with familiar undertones

of human destiny.


My wandering awareness

fueled by a willful heart

and common words, mind

is traveling the timeless path

of lips that learn to phrase

the harmless teenage lie,

to later talk with women

in their silent fashions.


But in this night, this life

of light reduced to shades,

my coinciding thoughts

flow without emotion;

feeling and its biddings

merge in the silver gloss

over countless being

at one in the present.




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