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Oh Mother


Oh Mother

Why are there so few of us?

On such a promising land

You have set us free

To be governed by our souls

Free to create

Free to be

Free to choose

Free to see

In the undammed flood

We can realise many worlds

Tender our gardens

Nurture our nests

Plant seeds

Manifest dreams

Sing, dance and rejoice

Free at last

From the shackles of ambition

Liberated from position

Spontaneous in decision

But what do we do?

With your unbounded vision

We tattoo our bodies

Turning ideas into ideologies

We lock our jaws

With codes of conduct and biased laws

We chain our hearts

Tie ourselves down

Unable to stand alone

To midwife some land

Nurture its soul

We seek our security

And collude with authority

Weakness rules

We lose touch with the source

We begin to stoop

Losing the way

Systems are made

To govern others

Quicken the pace

Welcome to the rat race!

Faster! Faster! Faster!

We lose all sight of our eternal grace

Inner truth given up

For some other day

Some other place?

Signboards, tourists

Highways, automobiles

Automatons of conformities

Willing servants of the machine


We now fail to see

Your wondrous dream





Home > Art & Culture > Poetry > Auroville poets > Nikolai

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