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 Shweta Ketu



Of Canadian origin, young Shweta arrived in Auroville in 96'. He has lived "within 8400 changes of the Sun and Moon", resides in the Vikas settlement and works as a secretary for various groups in the community.

Contact: shwetaketu@auroville.org.in 


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Eternity in an Hour

All that philosophies can teach,
The lore of nature in duration can reveal.
All that mysticism can burn out,
Can be traced back to the colors of the night sky.

To master the sweetness and the novelty of life
Is to construct infinite knowledge from finite experience
And share beauty's identity with truth in the heart's ripening.

To all that gives pleasure to life and meaning to self,
The lore of human experience brings more and more wealth.
To all that is fair and constant under the sun,
Change thyself forever still as a part of unity's flower.


Changing Soul

To wake the soul is my prayer and sacred art,
To feel the beauty of the naked heart;
To wake the genius in a sudden stroke of grace,
To choose the noblest face in our human ways.

All that philosophy can teach, the spirit quenches,
All that faith can bring, delight in action lends,
All that perfect society can ever know
Hast always been simply wisdom unparted.

If there is any one thing to be truly done,
It is to love all experience through gratitude won,
To promise the might of the spirit's power,
That it will share our days and shine through life's hours.

To enrich the soul in a favorite moment's brilliance,
To give all myself to mine own heart's dalliance,
To wake the vision and in conscious union wait,
For that which hast always been the simple outstretched fate.

All that culture and society can teach,
All the powers of nature within our reach,
All that descends from a dubious source,
Renews my parting breath and holds open all of my doors.


Dark Passage

When the mind's freedom beckons the life together,
It is time for the heart's song to lull the ether
And through the window of our tender certainty
Blows the grace of mine own infinity.

When all nature is but an art unknown to me
And all my faith but a fragile temporarity,
The sun's light like a tempest in my feelings sway
My erring reason to a new enlightened way.

When all that makes me better are my deepest woes
And through my discord my higher parts in harmony shows
I know it is time for a new kind of learning
Where the quiet flame of the soul can keep on burning.

When my body's peace infects my mind with stillness
And my dreams have run out like common wellness
And through my heartaches going echoes a forgotten bliss,
I know now that I have traversed the abyss.

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