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'Offering' by Robert Lorrain


A statue by Canadian sculptor Robert Lorrain, called l’Offrande’,the Offering, has been installed in the pond near Café Morgan at the Town Hall. The statue is one of two donations from the sculptor to Auroville.




Robert Lorrain is a Canadian painter and sculptor and a long-time sadhak of Sri Aurobindo.He first visited Auroville in 1968, but the bare earth and the harsh climate did not encourage him to stay. He returned to Montreal from where he wrote to The Mother asking her if he could open a restaurant as he was interested in food. She replied in the affirmative, and so began ‘Petite Oiseau', a vegetarian, more or less macrobiotic eatery, which attracted many young people. Later he experimented with communal life in the Centre Créatif l'Elan along the lines of what Mother outlined for Auroville, and opened a shop that sold products from the Ashram and Auroville.

After these experiments Robert returned to art, his true vocation. Some of his sculptures and paintings can be seen on his website www.robertlorrain.com. ‘The Offering', he writes, ‘is the result of various inspirations: Michelangelo's sibylline Libyque, the Canadian Inuit's simplicity of form, and art forms from Hinduism.' They all influenced him to make this beautiful statue that expresses harmony of form and aspiration.

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