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Born: 17. April 1954 in Trier / Germany .

I studied Vis.Com./Arts in Germany and worked as Graphic Designer in Advertisement Agencies. After coming to Auroville in 1981, he continued design work including book publications, exhibitions and graphics. Since 1984, he worked in various art-forms: - Oil Painting (with exhibitions in Auroville, Pondicherry , Chennai, Delhi , and Germany ), - Architecture (several houses in Auroville, projects, plans and models), - Sculpture (in Terracotta, White Marble and Light-sculptures in Plexiglass), as well as Music ( drums and percussion…already in Germany , then here in Auroville in various bands). In 1994, he started ‘Kalabhumi' (the ‘ Land of Arts ') in the heart of the Cultural Zone of Auroville - the beginning of a Cultural Centre with ateliers and studios for the education and practice of all forms of Art Expression.

The Sculptures

Living Stones

- a moment of expression fixed in marble

- becoming one with the stone

- the dynamics of music, frozen in ice

- a luminous white, worthy of the Gods

- the Divine, hidden within solid matter, emerges

… in short - liberating the soul of the stone …

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>> http://www.rolfart.webs.com/apps/photos/

Home > Art & Culture > Sculpture - RolfArtist

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