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Once I read: "Also with your hands you can rise to heaven.."

At the time, that was a revelation for me.. My hands became alive, they wanted to do something, - but with what?
When I was a small child I used to spend long hours looking at a copper pot of my grandmother. I used to play with it, to feel it with my hands.. Years went by and perhaps it was no coincidence that I met a friend who had a sculpture studio..

Somehow I had never any doubt that my way was to work with metals. It fascinated me that something so seemingly stiff and rigid could so easily change its state and form under the steady fire of a welding torch.  I've spent days on end watching pieces of metal melting and melting away..

Without any knowledge, and with only that deep need for expression and the image of my grandmother's copper pot, I started working in my friend's studio. I joined  Auroville in 1989, but only in '95 was I economically able to build a workshop of my own in Kalabhumi, and that's where I work now.
My work went through different stages. In the beginning it was mostly figurative, to then gradually move  towards more abstract forms of expression. The metals I use are: copper, brass and silver.

Experiment is the password, and gratitude the final connection.


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Home > Art & Culture > Sculpture - Rossella

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