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The Auroville Theatre Group:
The Tempest





The Auroville Theatre Group presented:
in Kalabhumi, Cultural Zone, Auroville -
on February 4,5 and 6, 2005

The Tempest

by William Shakespeare



Cast of Characters
Vladimir: ALONSO, King of Naples
Ruslan Y.: SEBASTIAN, his brother
Jean L.: PROSPERO, the rightful Duke of Milan
Swar: ANTONIO, his brother, the usurping Duke of Milan
Sumit: FERDINAND, son to the King of Naples
Francis: GONZALO, an honest old councilor
Nico: TRINCULO, a jester
Otto: STEPHANO, a drunken butler
Gandhi:  Master of a Ship and Adrian: a Lord
Ketki(for Anandamayi): MIRANDA Daughter to Prospero
Charu: CALIBAN, a savage and deformed slave
Srimoyi: ARIEL, an airy spirit
Katya Sonja Lea: Mariners and the Goddesses: Iris, Ceres and Juno

Jill: Director

The Auroville Choir , Nuria, director
Kalou and her Fire Jugglers: Aurevan, Alisé, Lisa
Srimoyi, Joy and Grace, Choreography
Dancers: Aurelia, Mirra, Mimi, Afsaneh, Tom, Janaka
Musicians: Merry, Tineke, Jivatman, Ellen, Miriam

Hartmut: Music Composer and Sound Effects
Jonah: Lighting Design
Coco: Costume Design
Ketki: Props and Stage Manager
Charu: Poster design
Nadja: Mask design
Claude, Sergei: Follow spot operators

Kalabhumi Team: Matthew, Rolf, Wazo

Thanks to Johan, Rolf (artist), Nicoletta, Aurofilm, Martanda, Ralph, Jeffrey, The Neo-Urban Polyphonic Agency, New Creation Corner

ALL OTHER SPIRITS in the service of Prospero

February 4, 5, and 6, 2005 Kalabhumi, Auroville



Original Musical compositions by Hartmut:

Music for the Characters of :
Ariel, Sycorax, Water Nymph, Caliban, Harpy, Goddess of Spring, Rainbow and Juno, Queen of the Goddesses

Miranda and Ferdinand : “Love at first Sight”

“Ariel puts the Lords to Sleep”

“The Harpy” – entrance and exit

“Prospero's Farewell to the Elves”

Additional Music from:

Arthur Honegger: from “Semiramis” for the Storm music: Act 1, Scene 1
Castrucci: Harpy's Banquet dance
Henry Purcell: Marriage blessing dance








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