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The Auroville Theatre Group:

Pamala Joy and Giovanni Fusetti visited Auroville recently to offer workshops in clowning.

We had fun!




Presented by the Auroville Theatre Group


In the spirit of play

with Pamela Joy

Pamala Joy, an international clown and mime with over 30 years experience performing and teaching in Europe and America, offered
performances and workshops for teens and adults in clowning, mime, street theatre, movement and play on Saturday, March 1st, 2008.  Pamala, also known as Heartfool the Clown, trained in London , England , and taught in many European
universities and at the International Fools School as part of the Festival of Fools in Amsterdam .  She performed in Europe for ten years as a street and theatre artist, both solo and with professional touring groups.  Living in the United States since the early 90's, Pamala
created her own children's theatre company to perform music and clown shows which taught an environmental message, and for the past ten years has directed and performed with the Ashland Mime Troupe, in which she
mentors high school students in the art of mime.  Trained as well in co-operative games and communication skills, Pamala uses her talents to inspire creative expression, positive self-concept, peaceful co-operation and respect for our planet.


Celebrating the perfect imperfection

a workshop with Giovanni Fusetti

The search of one's own clown is an intense and fascinating emotional journey. (The Way=Tao).   It's a quest of self knowledge, that brings each person in contact with her unique way of being in the body and in space: to inhabit and play with one's own unique physical and emotional world, to amplify it and transform it into a universal comic form.

The Clown is a very personal comic state. It exists in the fullness of the present moment: in this state of being without doing, the person touches the richness of the “here and now” and becomes aware of her way of being in contact with the world. In this letting go of all intentions (Wu-Wei) we touch the magical “poetry of ridiculous” : to play with one's own imperfections and unique attitudes, to laugh at oneself, to laugh with one self, transforming fragility, imperfections and contradictions into comic poetry and power. In the Clown state everyone has access to the key question: what is so funny about myself?

The pedagogy of the workshop focuses on the analysis of the physical and emotional world of the person, revealed by the natural body. This process is helped and amplified by the use of the Neutral Mask.

This workshop addresses to every person wishing to experience a journey of self-discovery through the healing power of laughter. The pedagogical approach integrates Physical Theatre with Gestalt Therapy, Bioenergetics, Taoist Martial Arts (Wutao) and Process Work. The result is a deep artistic and emotional work involving the body in a dynamic of play, laughter and awareness.

A strong and playful desire of diving in one's own folly is required.

Giovanni Fusetti was a student, pedagogical assistant and improvisation teacher at the Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris , France . He co-founded and served as pedagogical director of KIKLOS International School of Theatre Creation in Padua , Italy , and is now developing the school's new form: HELIKOS. Giovanni has taught and collaborated internationally with theatre companies, schools and universities including Naropa University ( Boulder , CO ), LISPA: London International School of Performing Arts ( London ), Dell'Arte School of Physical Theatre ( Blue Lake , CA ). Giovanni's 20 years of pedagogical research includes training in Theatre in Education, Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed, Gestalt Therapy, Bioenergetics, Wutao and Process Work. His pedagogy integrates physical theatre with different practices of physical and emotional awareness.






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