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The Jericho Star Light Theatre presented: Wyrd Sisters

by Terry Pratchett, adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs

"If someone thrust a new born baby into your arms and told you to look after
it, what would you do?  Suppose you had a sneaking suspicion it was no ordinary baby?
And suppose again, you were Granny Weatherwax - the most practical and
pragmatic of a trio of ill-assorted witches?

But once even this problem is solved, a greater one takes its place.  After
murder and skulduggery in the royal palace, the land - now ruled by a corrupt
Duke - cries out for a new leader. Not the people, but the very land itself is calling for help, and the Wryd Sisters must listen.

It's time for Granny and her two companions, Magrat and Nanny Ogg to get involved in matters both magical and regal, and to give the land the King it

...A tale of sorcery and spells, love and intrigue, a mysterious returned heir, a dead king and a fool who is wiser than he looks, not to mention three very unlikely witches...





Sam, Ross, Roger, Loretta costumes - Coco & Sam
Lisa, Laslo, Johnny, Jeremy Crown - Guy
jesse, Jeff, Jackie, Kaymon Lighting Designer - Jean
Impi, Istfan, Juan, Elene Music - Holger & Ensemble
Hero, Daryll, David, Chandra Sound Designer - Tina
bobby, Auroson, Anya, Andre, Aditi Poster - Loretta
Production Coordinator - Jackie & Sam
Stage Manager - Katya
Director - Anthony


Home > Art & Culture  > Theatre > Jericho Star Light Theatre

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