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Auroville Calendar 2012


A new spirit of oneness will take hold of the human race.

Sri Aurobindo



2012 has been associated with many different predictions,

expectations and hopes for our planet.

The photographs depicting the theme of Unity,

in this Auroville Calendar 2012, were chosen

to reflect the more positive aspirations for the year to come.

For all a Luminous 2012




It is a wall calendar.

The size is: inches 11 x 12 - cm.28 x 30,5

The calendar is printed using 4 colors on foreign mat art paper, it is spiral bound on the top and individually packed with flute board for stiffness and shrink wrapping.

The calendar includes moon phases and spaces to write notes in each day.

The calendar includes also a page with the Mother's Dream.

All the photos have been taken by Ireno.




The cost of each calendar, inclusive of air mail charges to any destination outside India , is the following:
Euro      8 each

U.S. $   10.25 each

The cost of each calendar, inclusive of mailing charges, to any destination in India is:

Rs. 295

To order the calendar please contact Ireno:




Sample page






JANUARY:During a Water Dance session at Quiet Healing Center




FEBRUARY: Bonfire at the Amphitheater




MARCH: Preparing flowers for the Bonfire decoration




APRIL: Closing ceremony of the UNESCO international conference: “Youth for Human Unity”




MAY:At the Matrimandir




JUNE: The Urn of Unity




JULY: Dance performance at the Sri Aurobindo Auditorium




AUGUST: Mixing the soil from over 100 countries

during Auroville's 40th Anniversary Ceremony





SEPTEMBER: A moment of closeness in the Auroville forest




OCTOBER: Mandala, a symbol of Unity, Perfection, Eternity and Completeness




NOVEMBER: Gathering at the Auroville Amphitheater




DECEMBER: Thousand-Light Mandala at the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture



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