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"Homes for the Soul" Calendar 2007

House designs by non-architects in Auroville



Beauty comes from quietly listening to our inner being and trust in our creative flow. This calendar hopes to show that beauty can be created by anyone. It wants to stimulate dialogue on various concepts and dreams, and to develop appreciation of different ways of building by showing what non-professional individuals have designed themselves. We hope it will inspire you.

Construction materials used are mainly organic and natural including wood, mud, grass, stabilised earth bricks and fired bricks. Most of these homes have sustainable energy systems such as solar. Dirk & Chinmayi have built a waste water treatment system and have experimented with levitated water for their clay walls, and Rolf has rainwater catchment from the roof and a compost toilet.

Profits for a self-help village project
All profit from the sale of the calendar will go to build a cultural centre in a Tamil village on the Bay of Bengal in Tamil Nadu.
More information from: lilli@auroville.org.in or cosmic@auroville.org.in


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