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Matrimandir Calendar 2009

"The 12 Meditation Rooms"


                                   Photos of front and back cover

Dear Friends,
The Matrimandir Calendar 2009 has been delivered to Auroville and is available for sale.
The theme for 2009 are the 12 Meditation Rooms, also called "Petals" around the Matrimandir which have just been finished this summer.

The familiar names of the meditation rooms are:
Sincerity, Humility, Gratitude, Perseverance, Aspiration, Receptivity, Progress, Courage, Goodness, Generosity, Equality, and Peace.
According to Mother, 'the first eight qualities (starting from Sincerity) concern the attitude towards the Divine, and the last four towards humanity'.
Each meditation room is painted in the color of Mother's symbol which runs from blue to violet, violet to red and orange, and from orange and yellow to green.

Each page depicts one meditation room with its name, explanation of the color by Sri Aurobindo, and the location of the room around the Matrimandir.

The Matrimandir Calendar 2009 is a desk calendar (table-top) with the sizes 19.5 cm x 20 cm.
It has the same format and stand as the Matrimandir Calendar 2008.

It features 12 big photos of the Matrimandir Meditation Rooms and 12 small photos on the calendar page of the center point inside the meditation room.

Quotations from Sri Aurobindo's 'Savitri' and an explanation of the color of each photo is provided.

The calendar is printed in 4 colors on foreign mat art paper, thickness 240 GSM. The calendar is spiral bound on the top (white) and has a sturdy stand (also white). Each calendar is separately packed with shrink wrapping.

The price will be Rs. 160 exclusive taxes and packing/postage.
All proceeds from the sale of the calendar will go to the finishing of the Matrimandir.

If you intend to order a larger quantity, please discuss with us a discount.

The calendar can be ordered through the AVI Center in your country or directly by emailing tine@auroville.org.in or Matrimandir matrimandir@auroville.org.in

The Calendar Team 2009 is again Manoj, Giorgio, Franz, Tine.

Thanking you,
With Best Regards,




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