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Matrimandir Calendar 2013




                                   Photos of front and back cover


Dear Friends,

I am happy to announce that the Matrimandir Calendar 2013 is available !

For 2013, we decided to publish a larger format (20 x 21 cm).
The photos came out very beautifully.
It is a desk top calendar like last year.

Our photographers were Lalit (from Courage, Auroville)
and Giorgio (Arka, Auroville).
See the back cover for an overview of all the photos.

Quotations from Sri Aurobindo’s  Savitri  are on the photo page.
On the calendar page, the months and days are printed in 4 languages: English, French, (spoken) Sankskrit, Tamil.
Darshan days and other important days as well as moon days (full/new) are indicated.

Front and back cover, as well as the sturdy stand, are laminated.

Gold foiling is used for the cover. The calendar is printed in 4 colors on foreign art board, matt, thickness 250 GSM Foreign Art Board. It is spiral bound on the top (white). Each calendar is wrapped separately in a plastic cover. 

The price is Rs. 160 excluding packing and postage.
All proceeds from the sale of the calendar will be donated to the Matrimandir.
If you intend to order a larger quantity, please discuss with us a discount.

Photo credits go mostly to Lalit, one photo was made by Giorgio.
The Calendar Team 2013 was: Giorgio, Lalit, Manoj, Tine (from Auroville), in collaboration with John Mandeen (Pondicherry).
Kindly place your mailing order soon so that the Calendars will reach you in time.

DTP  work was done by Prisma, Auroville.
Printed at Sudarsan Graphics, Chennai.

Tine, Aurogreen
Auroville 605 101, TN, India

Email tine@auroville.org.in

ph +91 413 290 96 19 / +91 9843 98 41 81





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