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Auroville Planner 2010


I am happy to announce the publication of The Auroville Planner 2010
to keep your dates and appointments in good order.
Kindly see above the design of front/back cover and the arrangement of the inner pages which is the same like in previous years.
The Auroville Planner 2010 is a lightweight bound weekly agenda to carry around with you.


Front cover


Back cover


Details of an inside page.


The Auroville Planner comes in a square format (16.5 cm x 16.5 cm) with 172 thin pages including 24 full page color photos (printed in 4 colors on 90 gsm art paper). All photos were exclusively taken in Auroville by different photographers. There are photos for example from the Earth Day, schools and performances, new houses and roads, exhibitions, photos of the International Zone, of flowers, and certainly of around the Matrimandir.
The photo pages appear after each full month without breaking the week.
On the left/right side of each photo are quotations of what Mother said in regard to Auroville and/or Savitri lines.
The front and back cover is printed and laminated in 4 colors on 300 gsm art card. Attached are the front/back covers, and the arrangement of the inner pages.
Inside the planner a map of South India with 'Auroville' marked is provided, also extra pages for notes and address/telephone book entries in the end, as well as the 2010/2011-year-planner in overview. Darshan days and moon days are indicated.  
The text is printed in a light brown earth color.
Each calendar is separately wrapped in plastic.
The price will be approx. Rs. 180 to Rs. 200 excluding postage. The profit of the planner will be donated to an Auroville project yet to be determined.
The Planner was printed at Mother's Grace Offset Press, Pondicherry , and is now available in stores in Auroville and Pondi.
Please contact Tine in Aurogreen for your orders.
Thanking you,
With Best Regards,
email: tine@auroville.org.in

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