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AV travel safe




Crimes and accidents


Police liaison: 94430 90107

Day guard: 94433 62691

Night guard: 94433 62691





AV Health Centre

Phone numbers (24 hours):

  • 2622 018
  • 2622 123
  • 2622 011

Ambulance at Health Centre is available 24 hours

For need of the ambulance between 5.00 pm and 8.00 am, please contact Mani, Purushothaman or Karthik via phone
no 0413-2622400 /
or mobile  9443351169.

Any calls directly to the Health Centre after 5.00 pm, will also be routed to the same numbers.

Pondy area

  • Pondy ambulance (General Hospital): 2336050
  • PIMS hospital : 2656271/72
  • JIPMER hospital: 2278380 / 2272389
  • Nallam Clinic: 2338100
  • Aravind Eyes hospital: 2619100 / 2619104


  • Apollo hospital: 28293333 / 28290200
  • Sri Ramachandra hospital: 24768403



Fire Service: 101 or 2336238



Women are increasingly becoming the target of crime (i.e. sexual touching or grabbing) on the roads in and around Auroville.  The AV Women's Safety Task Force is committed to addressing the issue of safe travel and finding solutions through raising awareness of the issue, education, support to victims, implementing prevention measures and working in collaboration with any group that has a common vision.



Recently, there have been an increasing number of incidents of sexual violence against women on Auroville's roads. These incidents are occurring to the women of all ages, during day and night, on bikes and cycle. The following are tips to help keep you safe:

1.  When travelling at night or secluded places, try to travel with one or more persons;

2.  Carry a cell phone (with the AV Security numbers listed);

3.  Travel with little money and personal belongings. Keep personal belongings safeódo not carry them in the front or the back of your vehicle where it can be snatched; 

4. Ensure that your vehicle is in top working condition;

5.  Be conscious of your surroundings.  Be alert and self-confident. If you notice suspicious attention, then take action on your intuitionócall someone for help or go to the nearest shop;  

6. Be aware that some incidents of groping have occurred while women have been riding 2-wheelers, so be conscious of other motorcyclists nearby;

7.  If you feel insecure, blow a whistle, scream, shout, and generally make a lot of noise;

8. Do not feel obliged to speak to suspicious strangers; 

9. Take a photograph (i.e. cell phone) or note the license plate numbers of suspicious persons (or pretend to do so);  

10 . Report any incidents or observations immediately to AV Security (9443090107 / 9443362691);  

*   Do let us know of any other ideas you may have that will make travel in and around Auroville more safe.

CONTACT INFO: AVHS@auroville.org.in   Ph: (0413)-262-2425

DEAR MEN:  At any gathering, have a look around and if you see a single woman you know who is living nearby to you, ask her if she needs to be accompanied .  

Go - with confidence.

Visit also: http://avtravelsafe.com


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