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About Rabies

What to do in case of:

Snake bite








Crimes and accidents


Police liaison: 94430 90107

Day guard: 94433 62691

Night guard: 94433 62691





AV Health Centre

Phone numbers (24 hours):

  • 2622 018
  • 2622 123
  • 2622 011

Ambulance at Health Centre is available 24 hours


Pondy area

  • Pondy ambulance (General Hospital): 2336050
  • PIMS hospital : 2656271/72
  • JIPMER hospital: 2278380 / 2272389
  • Nallam Clinic: 2338100
  • Aravind Eyes hospital: 2619100 / 2619104


  • Apollo hospital:
    28293333 / 28290200
  • Sri Ramachandra hospital: 24768403




Fire Service: 101 or 2336238




If everyone knew about rabies and its prevention, its incidence would markedly decrease. We therefore ask those who live in Auroville to give this information to people visiting or working with them. Thanks.

Animal Care

Rabies is a contagious disease. A dog, cat or jackal that has it, can spread it to other animals or to people if he/she bites them or they get its saliva into a wound or mucous membrane of the eyes, nose or mouth.

Rabies can be prevented, but it cannot be cured by western allopathic medicine; although some systems claim to have cures, it is safer to consider that it is fatal once the symptoms have set in.

How to prevent Rabies

Dogs and cats can be rabies vaccinated:

1) By a private vet;

2) At Rajiv Gandhi Veterinary hospital in Mettu­palayam on Friday mornings free of cost;

3) At Dayakara Veterinary Dispensary (near Hope) for Rs. 50.

A booster vaccination is required every year.



If a rabid animal bites any person or animal, then take the following steps:

  • Wash the wound thoroughly with a lot of soap and water
  • If possible apply tincture of iodine or betadine
  • If an animal has been bitten, the caretaker should wear rubber gloves or two strong non-leaking plastic bags to prevent saliva from the rabid animal entering any wounds on their hands when cleaning the bite wound.
  • Measures should be taken immediately to prevent tetanus whether the bite was rabid or not.
  • Get anti-rabies injections immediately at the Auroville Health Centre or from a private clinic.
  • The old course of post-exposure vaccination through painful injections in the stomach of patients exposed to rabies was recently discontinued at the General Hospital , Pondy. They are now giving a course of Rabipur instead. Rabipur is a good vaccine that costs about Rs. 325 for each shot in a private clinic. At the General Hospital they are giving Rabipur free. This news must be shared with everyone.

If a rabid animal bites a cow, goat, dog or cat, injections should be started as soon as possible in order to prevent the animal from getting rabies. Even if the animal has been vaccinated, it is best to contact your vet.

Call a vet and ask him to give the necessary course of anti-rabies injections or

  • Take it to Rajiv Gandhi Veterinary Hospital in Mettupalayam. They will give the first two injections free. The following 3 or 4 injections will cost Rs. 75 each.
  • Take it to Dayakara, they give 5 or 6 injections after a rabid bite for free.

If none of these options is possible, contact Animal Care, 2622629 or leave a letter in the box at Azhugul Fruit Shop, Main Road , Kuilapalayam.


As fear of rabies can provoke cruelty to dogs, please note the following statement by Mother:

Disciple: In our yoga what attitude should we take towards animal?

Mother: One can have the true attitude only when one has attained the consciousness of the divine Oneness - meanwhile, it is good always to treat animals with respect, love and compassion.

Mother Centenary Edition Vol. 17, p.104 - June 1935



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