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How to join Auroville

To be a true Aurovilian

The Mother on Auroville

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Upon entry

Auroville admission policy


Although there is no doctrine and no dogma as such, 
the aim of the integral transformation as conceived by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is the unifying ideal underlying all activities and research in Auroville.

While it is not for us to question the ways of spiritual development or the private spiritual practices of any individual, Auroville must not be used as a place for recruiting followers to any spiritual organisation. 

Furthermore, Auroville must not be used by any outside movement as a place of convenience for its followers to live.




Auroville is created to realise the ideal of Sri Aurobindo who taught us the Karma Yoga. Auroville is for those who want to do the Yoga of work.


To live in Auroville means to do the Yoga of work. So all Aurovilians must take up a work and do it as Yoga.


Mother, 27.3.1973*



Admission to Auroville is subject to approval by The Mother.

There will be a trial period of one year. This period can be made longer or shorter.

People living in Auroville should not provide hospitality there to others who have not been accepted to live there.

Those who have been accepted should lead an Aurovilian life the main principles of which have been clearly indicated by The Mother.

Everyone should work at least five hours every day including Sundays.
Working for oneself is not working for the community.
Each member of the community should have an activity that corresponds to the needs of Auroville.


Drugs are forbidden in Auroville.


When Auroville is a city there will be several kitchens providing different types of food. But even now individuals should not cook for themselves. It is better to organise kitchens for groups.


Those who live in Auroville should aspire for the new life.


Mother, 20.2.1971

Before formally applying to become a member of Auroville, you must first inform yourself about the conditions for joining Auroville. You can get this information from the Entry Service office in Auroville or from any Auroville International (AVI) Centre in your country.


Pay a visit beforehand

The present Entry Service asks that all applicants come for a minimum three-month stay before deciding to join the experiment. (Please contact our AV Guest Houses
since it is better to inquire about guesthouse availability and prices before coming).

If, during your stay here, should you decide to join Auroville, you should schedule an interview with the Entry Service, located in the Multi Media Center, Town Hall) at the end of your guest period (but at least a month before your departure) to formally confirm your decision to join.

You will be asked to fill out an application form, schedule an interview and later a meeting with the Secretary of the Auroville Foundation, who normally issues the recommendation letter needed for your return.

Upon your return to Auroville your Newcomer process can begin.


Visa details

For foreign nationals, a Tourist Visa may be obtained from the Indian High Commission, Embassy, or Consulate nearest your home.

For foreign nationals, it is the Auroville Entry Service, which arranges the necessary Letter of Recommendation requesting the Indian High Commission, Embassy, or Consulate of your home country or country of residence to issue an Entry (X) Visa.

While you can visit Auroville on a Tourist Visa, this visa cannot be converted into an Entry Visa.

You are obliged to return to your home country or country of residence to get this Entry Visa, since the entry process cannot commence without it!


Residential Permit

A Residential Permit is granted, upon your return with an Entry Visa, on the basis of being an honorary voluntary worker in Auroville.


Upon arrival for all foreigners

Within 48 hours of your arrival in Auroville, if you are a foreign national, you are required first to fill out an Arrival Form and register with the Residents Service, located in the Multi Media Centre next to the Town Hall. If you have come with the intention to stay and have obtained the proper Entry Visa, you should then make contact with the Entry Service to start your Newcomer period.


Newcomer period

Your Newcomer period will then begin and last for a period of approximately one year. From the beginning, you will be a full participant in Auroville's life as described in this document. You will take up an activity useful to the Community and at the same time conducive to your integral personal growth. Starting a new undertaking during this period be it a service, commercial unit or an independent project is only allowed with permission of the Entry Service. You will be encouraged to join in various collective activities, open community meetings and other gatherings.

You are expected to remain in Auroville for the full year. In case you have to leave Auroville temporarily or permanently, you must inform the Entry Service. Newcomers of foreign origin are requested to consult the Residents Service about the exit and/or re-entry procedures.


Newcomer contribution

Upon becoming a Newcomer, you will be asked for a contribution towards the community. This Newcomer contribution is a one-time non-refundable amount of Rs 8,000 for administration fees.

In addition to this, Rs 1,000 is charged as a contribution towards the Repatriation Fund. This fund is maintained in case people suddenly have to return to their place of origin in the event of illness or a similar crisis, and don't have the funds immediately available for their fare. Newcomers are also required, as are all Aurovilians, to pay the monthly Central Fund contribution towards the upkeep of Auroville's infrastructure. This contribution presently amounts to Rs 2,000 per person per month.

All foreign national also need to deposit a return flight ticket or the equivalent amount (refundable upon becoming Aurovilian or termination of the Newcomer period).


Basic needs

A budget of Rs 8,000 per month per person is suggested in order to cover one's basic needs (various contributions, food, sundries, clothing, vehicle maintenance, etc), although people fresh from the West may require more, certainly in their earlier stages of acclimatization.


Contact person

You will be welcomed by the Entry Service and introduced to your contact person who will guide you throughout your Newcomer period. The Entry service will announce, after consultation with the contact person and the community in which you stay your status as a Newcomer to the Community at large.


Duty free import of household goods

People from abroad, who are coming into India on an Entry Visa for a stay in Auroville of at least one year, can bring in their household goods and effects without paying customs duty, on a one-time-only basis, provided that the shipment is made within the year of their arrival in India.



At the conclusion of the Newcomer period, you will be invited to meet the Entry Service again who may recommend your joining to the Residents' Assembly. If there are no sustained objections from the residents of Auroville, you will become an Aurovilian. Your name will be entered on the Master List and you will be full-fledged resident of Auroville and member of the Residents' Assembly.

It is the duty of the Residents' Assembly to see that the guiding principles given by the Mother for Auroville are observed by its residents. Should these principles be seriously and repeatedly violated by an individual, his/her status as resident can be put in question by the Residents' Assembly at any time.


Entry Service
Multi Media Centre
Auroville 605101
Tamil Nadu INDIA



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